How will 'Roles' help me prioritise my time better?


We encourage you to capture your different roles (mother, daughter, work, family, home or even areas of your life family, physical, cultural, spiritual, learning…). This will help us show you how much time you are spending in each of these roles. 

You can click on it or swipe from right to left on a prompted role to edit the name or colour to suit your life.


Why can't I edit the "me" role?

At Mamma-Miya, we believe that filling your own cup will help in better fulfilling all your other roles, so the “me” role is non editable.  

How can filling in my regular Routines help me find more Free time ?


Little by little, a little becomes a lot – acknowledge the ‘silent load’ of your everyday routines! The more accurately you fill in your days, the more effectively your FREE TIME timeline will help you find the time to do the things most important to you.  Remember to use Repeat or Custom to ensure it accurately reflects your schedule.


How can 'Share' help me collaborate better?


‘Share with’ helps you bring in the people you would like to reach out to. Swipe from right to left on a prompted contact to add or edit mobile and/or email details.

Mamma-Miya will automatically request to sync that event with their calendar and provide you a pre-populated message for WhatsApp – based on your Reminder settings for any event that you have chosen to Synergise with ‘your village’.

We recommend you learn the art of delegating because “two heads are better than one”. 


How can I edit my "About me" details?

At Mamma-Miya, we seek to constantly enhance every mother’s experience of the App. The more we understand your needs and background, the better we are able to fulfill your requirements.

Click on the Edit buttons (in white) to tell us more about you. It should take you no longer than 5 seconds! 


What is 'Free Time' all about?


Mamma-Miya helps you capture that elusive “free-time” and encourages you to consciously use this time for the things that matter to you. 

‘Free Time’ is highlighted by the Mamma-Miya triangle pattern across the App. When an entire section in your day is free it prompts recommendations of what you could use this time to do.

By tapping on the Mamma-Miya triangles, you can see all the notes and lists that you have chosen to ‘show during free time’.

Potential FREE TIME (unscheduled time) is represented on the timeline at the top of the Today page. It is broken up into half hour intervals because sometimes even 15 minutes of me-time is all you need! 

By clicking on any note or list, it automatically helps you create an event in your calendar. 


How can I edit an event?


Tap on an event to view event details or swipe from right to left to edit or delete an event.


What is the idea behind the check boxes beside the events?


Retain the satisfaction of checking off completed events – like you would do in your planner.

The colour of the check boxes represent the different roles you play. Your weekly notifications will capture the time spent in these different roles. This will get more useful for you, the more you assign a role to an event and check it off once completed. Events for which a role has not been assigned will show up as ‘none’ in a default grey colour. 

An ‘anytime’ event that hasn’t been completed or checked off, will move to the next day to ensure nothing gets missed out.


How can I plan for days other than Today?

Use the arrows to the right and left to navigate to the previous and next day.

The arrow to the bottom drops down the month calendar which – through a heat map – gives you a feel of how busy your days are likely to be. Swipe left or right to move to the previous or next month.

By clicking on any day, you can add new events directly to that day. Swipe up to dismiss the month view. 

Your email notification will give you an overview of the week ahead to help you plan better. 

How do I add lists, notes or an image to an event?

You can attach lists or notes (from within the app) or an image (from your phone’s gallery) to an event while creating or editing an event in the Attachments section.


How do I make the most of my Lists?


Swipe from right to left on an item to make your lists work most effectively for you.

Mamma-Miya allows you to bring an item from your list into your calendar by making it into an event with all the added functionality (synergise/ attachments/ location etc) an event allows. 

You can also choose to show your entire list or only a particular item on your list during free time.  

Actions allows you to check all, uncheck all or even delete just checked items from your list. 


How do I delete or share a List or Note?

By swiping from right to left on the list or note menu page you can choose to delete or share it via your preferred channel.


How do I request a feature or report a bug?


The ‘Support’ section (on the hamburger menu at the top left corner) allows you to communicate with us and we will be happy to help.



For any other questions, please write to us at