How can I customise my 'Hats'

We encourage you to capture the many hats that you choose to wear. These represent the different roles you play in your life.

Examples could be that of a mom, daughter, partner, work, friend, home, or even care-giver or volunteer. You can customise them to match your priorities or even include seperate hats for each of your children.

This will eventually bring awareness to the amount of time and energy you would like to invest into each. 

You can add, edit or delete your hats:

 Brain Dump>> More (top right) >> Settings >> Hats

Why can't I edit the "me" role?


At Mamma-Miya, we believe that you must put your own oxygen mask on first, so the “me” role is non editable. Feel free to put in anything that helps fulfill your own needs, as a woman – within all the other hats that you wear. 


How can filling in my Routines help me manage my time better?


Little by little, a little becomes a lot – acknowledge the ‘silent load’ of your everyday routines. The more accurately you fill in your days, the more effectively, Mamma-Miya can help you find time to do the things most important to you.

We help you filter your Routines by your different hats and also provide “Suggested routines” which you can customise to represent your unique reality. 

Brain Dump>> More (top right) >> Settings >> Routines

How can I sync Mamma-Miya with my other calendars?


To be able to sync your information on Mamma-Miya seamlessly with the rest of your calendars, please allow us permission to access your Calendars. On this page, you can choose which Calendars to grant access to – in the same format that your default Apple Calendar shows when you click on “Calendars”. 

Even if you didn’t allow this at onboarding, you can go back to your phone’s Settings, click on the Mamma-Miya app and toggle to allow Mamma-Miya to access your Calendars. 

Brain Dump>> More (top right) >> Sync External Calendars





What is Brain Dump?


Brain Dump is essentially a process of comprehensively and uncritically expressing and recording one’s thoughts and ideas – by getting them out of one’s head and onto a list or calendar (

This is an extremely effective method to reduce stress or overthinking when you have a tornado of thoughts swirling in your mind…this is something that as moms we’re all only too familiar with. 

The Brain Dump section is a powerful space that allows you to very simply declutter your mind and allow you to be more present in every moment – by putting everything down, knowing that you can deal with it later.

Simply dump your thoughts, ideas, decisions you want to think about, intuitions or hunches you have, unscheduled things that need to get done someday, the unrealised dreams, movies you want to watch, books you want to read, the email you remember needs to be sent while you’re playing with your kids…etc. etc. 

How do I use Brain Dump?


Simply click the “+” button on the page and put your thought down. Add a relevant hat if you feel so inclined. Feel free to use our suggestions to add more and more until you feel relieved by the weight of all those thoughts you’re carrying in your mind.

You can revisit your thoughts filtered by hat, whenever you need.  


How can I use Siri to Brain Dump?


A big part of our philosophy at Mamma-Miya is to help you spend more time in life and less on your device. Many of us are familiar with that feeling of pulling out our phone to do one thing and getting caught in the web of distractions and find ourselves doing something completely different, many minutes later.

Our Siri integration allows you to drop your thoughts without even having to open your phone. If you say something with no associated time and date, it will automatically land up in your Brain Dump. 

Either use the short-cut we have provided, “Brain dump to Mamma-Miya” or feel free to change it to something else you would prefer. 




Why is My Day broken up into 5 sections?

As moms we realise that there are many things that need to get done in our days that never make it to our calendars because they’re not necessarily ‘timed’ events.

By splitting up My Day into different sections, we believe it will allow you to input far more of those to-do’s that are only loosely tied to time. 

These could be paying bills, buying groceries, working on proposals, ordering birthday gifts etc.

The Early Morning and Night sections are included primarily because we realise that those are generally the times that we moms have to ourselves. Are you an early morning or late-night type of mom?

What are the green-blue suggestions that keep showing up?


Based on the level of busy-ness in your day, we bring you a variety of suggestions of Self-Care activities that you could slip in to your day to recharge and replenish yourself. 

These could be anything from deep breathing to reconnecting with an old friend to scheduling a long-overdue doctor’s visit. Simply click on the suggestion, read a little more about it and if it appeals to you, go ahead and add it to your day. 

Alternatively, you could click on More and browse through other suggestions – either by time or by mood. For example, if it is in the early morning we give you self-care suggestions for your health and at night, we might recommend relaxation activities. 

In this way, Mamma-Miya helps improve your overall well-being in small doses.  

How do I add a timed event to My Day?


To edit any event, click on the “i” at the right-hand side of the event-card. This will open the Add New page. When you toggle the button for Schedule, it will open up options to schedule a date, time, duration, repeat or reminder. By clicking on the custom (clock-looking) icon, it will allow you to set a specific time or date to the event.   

How do I move a task between sections of My Day?


Another classic mom feature that understands you need a certain flexibility as you move through your day. Just hold the event-card and drag and drop it across different sections as your day goes along. 


Why do tasks keep moving to the next day?


We understand only too well that everything we plan to get done in a day doesn’t always go as scheduled. So if an un-timed task doesn’t get checked-off, it automatically moves to the next day to take the pressure off.   




How do I use the Self-Care section?


The Self-Care tab is one of the essentials of a day well done. In this section, Mamma-Miya reminds us to make enough room for our mental and physical health, our personal growth and the passions and creativity that give us wings.

The Give-it-a-try throws random suggestions at you each time you come to this page. Click on it and it’ll give you a description about the activity and options to bring it into your day. 

Alternatively, browse through plenty of ideas on what you can do given the amount of time or the mood you’re in and customise how frequently you want to bring them into your day. 



What is the Wishlist for?


As you add different kinds of activities to your wishlist, it allows the system to send you more relevant self-care suggestions. 



How do I request a feature or report a bug?

 We are a for moms, by moms company and are constantly evolving the product to improve your experience. 

If you have any feature requests, bugs or technical issues, please reach out to us directly through the Contact Us section in Help. You will be surprised by how quickly we can respond to your needs. 


Brain Dump>> More (top right) >> Help >> Contact Us


For any other questions, please write to us at