Busy moms, silent load, mental clutter,

The 2022 Deloitte Women @ Work study reported that 68% of women struggled with work/life balance.

Most working mothers put in a full day at work, and also carry the majority of the load of managing their homes, coordinate kids’ schedules, remember everyone’s dental appointments…you get the drift.

In an effort to stay afloat with this ‘mother load’, millennial moms worldwide are pushing their health and well-being to the back seat.


Compromising on their ambitions and well-being has short term and long term impacts on their health and productivity and equally so, on their families and workplaces.

Millions of moms are struggling to manage their time, mindspace and self-care…their daily energy!

Research also showed that moms control 80% of all consumer purchase decisions.

They keep the economy running in more ways than one, yet few brands and businesses meet their needs or understand their real challenges.


MAMMA-MIYA is a smart life-planner app for moms. Every mom’s co-pilot.

Launched in 2017, it was molded into form by 1000s of hours of conversations (over liters of coffee, wine and toddler-bombed zoom calls) with other moms.

This research, paired with behavioral science, led to an app that helps busy moms organize their daily lives AND make space for their well-being.

MAMMA-MIYA is where moms can straddle all their roles, plan and prioritize their time, lighten their mental load and create time for themselves, all in one place.

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1. A fulfilled mother is key to a happier, well-functioning and healthier society.

2. A fulfilling day is the foundation of a good life.

3. A mom’s well-being is as important as her productivity.


To help mothers THRIVE rather than just survive,

by bringing more mindfulness to their moments,

calm to their days and intention to their lives



  • “I am in love! I have spent years using paper planners, Google Calendar, tasks, To-Doist and a multitude of other apps to try and be proactive, or at least in control of my life. This app helped me get clarity on my priorities, question if something need to be delegated, rescheduled or done and helped me stop procrastinating so much.”
  • “I love the brain dump feature. This is the only planning app I’ve ever used that includes brain dumps.”
  • “​​It’s easy to use, and is a great way to help/support the mental load of being the default parent.”
  • “I’m not one to use apps and planners at all, but this one has definitely transformed my daily schedule from appearing daunting each morning into something that feels very well organised.”
  • “I enjoy that it’s created by moms who understand what it is like to juggle many roles in life and how difficult that can be.”





She is committed to helping moms live their best lives while also being great moms.

In 18+ years, her varied professional experience spans from Finance at E&Y to Sports marketing at  F1. Her work includes multi-million dollar sponsorship deals where she handled media, sales and marketing for top names in sport.

Aashika is mom to two girls under 10, 3 dogs, 2 turtles and a cat! Her day starts at 4am, when she pours herself into her yoga/ meditation & personal growth practice. She plays basketball/ football regularly and is also involved in an innovative habitat conservation and wildlife rescue project.

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Co-founder, MAMMA-MIYA

Namrata is passionate about technology’s power to impact positive change.

She has 16+ years of experience with early stage startups in USA & India. She was part of the founding teams of 2 startups that built the business from scratch to scale. Namrata has helped build multiple innovative tech solutions in her career.

She is mom to a son and daughter under 12. Namrata is also a runner and loves finding simple solutions to complex problems. She wants to create a more conducive ecosystem for moms to build their dream careers.

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