Spring break is going to be here soon, and the kids are excited!

But if you’re working and the kids will be at home, your mind will already be buzzing with how to keep the kids engaged and manage everything else.

Having to work when kids are on vacation can be stressful every time you have to do it. But you’re not alone. Every year, many working moms have to work and manage the kids at home during vacation.

Since we know the dates in advance, we can prepare for them. Here are 6 ideas to manage work, kids, family and find some time for yourself too, during the spring break.


1. Brain dump everything

Dump the to-dos, ideas, screenshots and notes around everything you have to do for that week in the Brain Dump.

You can bring them into your schedule anytime later, whenever you can deal with them.


2. Create custom routines

Young kids love routines, so you can create a custom routine for them for the week. This way they’ll still know what to expect from the day, and you can plan your work around it too.

Try to schedule meetings around their nap times and finish short calls and emails while they’re playing independently.


3. Take some time off

If you have the flexibility, take a day, or even half a day off. You can let the kids decide what they want to do in your time together.

It can be a chance for you to get some downtime too. Here are some ideas for activities you can do together.


4. Hire or combine resources

– Plan play dates: If other parents in your children don’t have to work, arrange playdates with them on your work days. Then return the favor with a playdate at your place later, over the weekend or for an evening. You can even split playdates with other working families during the week, with each of you doing it on one day.


– Hire child care: Hiring child care will lift a load from you and help you stick to your routine, even if it’s for part of the time. If you know another family who’s looking for child care, you can explore a nanny sharing arrangement too.


5. Ask the village to help

Each of us has a ‘village’, a group of people, friends, family or both, whose lives are intertwined with us in one way or the other. Ask them to help out in whatever way they can.

– Split time off: For married couples or those co-parenting, you can split your time off during the week. One of you can be with the kids while the other person works.


– Ask extended family: Spring break can also be a great time for the kids to be with the grandparents or extended family. Even if it’s for a day, the kids will have fun, family bonding will happen, and you can get work done.


6. Take care of yourself

At MAMMA-MIYA, we care about you as much as your productivity. Keep to your workout and self-care schedule as much as you can during the break. 

It can be tempting to use this time to work, especially if you’re up early, but prioritizing yourself, even it’s for a few minutes, will energize and motivate you for the day ahead.