As moms, we’re in a perpetual state of busyness, trying to get everything done.

And most days we do. But most days we also feel tired and stressed.

It’s this state of overwhelm that Mamma-Miya helps to ease and untangle. 

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To be a mom in today’s world seems to be nothing short of needing to be a superhero (with very human powers).

Mamma-Miya refocuses awareness to the hats we choose to wear, and brings more intention to the energy we put into designing and fueling each one.


Think of Mamma-Miya as a sanctuary.

Mamma-Miya helps mothers replenish by decluttering and refuelling so we can do and be all that we choose to. 

So we can be our own superheroes. Yes, we. Because Mamma-Miya is created for moms and by moms, to help all moms. 

We believe all this awareness and intention can only come from a mind free of clutter.

Mamma-Miya provides a quick and easy way to dump all those thoughts swirling in your mind and syncs what needs to be scheduled seamlessly with your calendar of choice.  

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And then, with a calm and clear mind, Mamma-Miya reminds us everyday to carve out “me-time” for our mental and physical health, our personal growth, and the passions and creativity that give us wings.


Because, every mom is first a woman who needs to fill her cup before she can pour from it. 


Because we believe in two fundamental principles:

a day well done is the foundation of a life well-lived;

and mothers are the very backbone of a better world.  

So, what is more powerful than an empowered mother as a force of positive change in the world? 

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A visual representation of the many roles we embody, and a simple colour-coded way to categorise them based on tasks that fall under each. 

And, the more you intentionally tend to your hats, the more colourful each day looks. And your life feels!

Brain Dump:

A space dedicated to dropping all those thoughts and to-dos in one go, so our minds are uncluttered and free to be present.

Once dumped, those thoughts can be organised and filtered by hats.

My Day:

A flexible yet accurate overview of the day ahead, and the day spent. 

This calendar-view is broken down into bite-sized sections, coloured by hats and structured by periods of the day. 

Self Care:

It dynamically works along with the rest of our to-dos and events to carve out free-time and prompt us to check-in. With plenty of ideas on what we could do given the amount of time we have, it helps us improve our well-being in tiny doses. 

And, by making our self-care a daily routine, it encourages us to guiltlessly indulge in things that bring us joy and replenish our cups. 


This is the place that helps us keep track of the need-to-dos and wish-to-dos for the near or far future. 

Here, time isn’t the criteria. Because some tasks can’t be time-bound and yet need to be done.  

Quick Add:

The place to jot down those thoughts and to-dos that arise as the day pans out, with the flexibility to action it swiftly based on hat or time.


It brings our focus to the hats we might be neglecting unintentionally, and helps in new habit formations through gentle reminders. 

Drag & Drop:

A simple function that inspires spontaneity through the flexibility of editing the day as it unfolds. 


A thoughtful function that seamlessly moves unfinished or delayed tasks to the next day. 

By intuitively understanding our need for flexibility and freedom, it allows us to live our days, without worry or guilt.



It takes a village to raise a child. But that village can only help if we let them. 

By syncing with the calendars of those in our support systems, this feature helps us allot tasks and empower them while lightening our own load.


Lists & Notes:

Some thoughts need more details than others. This is where that’s made possible too. 



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