Summer is drawing to a close and the excitement of a new school year approaches. For moms and kids, this time can be both thrilling and daunting. We at MAMMA-MIYA want to help you navigate this time so you come out on top! We’ll walk you through practical steps to ensure a smooth start to the academic year.

Set Up a Family Calendar

Use the MAMMA-MIYA app to:

  •  Create a family calendar to streamline schedules and keep everyone on track. 
  • Mark important dates such as the first day of school, parent-teacher conferences, and extracurricular activities. 
  • Color-code events to make it visually appealing and easily understandable for both moms and kids. Use Hats!

Shop for Supplies Together

Transform the back-to-school shopping experience into a fun outing. Involve your kids in:

  • Making a list of required school supplies, clothes, and accessories. Check out our lists on MAMMA-MIYA – click on Explore Templates in Brain Dump.
  • Helping you brain dump ideas of their personal style while adhering to any dress codes. 
  • Setting up a time to shop together, bond, and understand their preferences.
  • Use the MAMMA-MIYA app to make your lists, schedule your shopping dates, and brain dump  things you need to get done but just haven’t decided when.

Establish a Morning Routine

A well-structured night and morning routine sets a positive tone for the entire day. Collaborate with your kids and the MAMMA-MIYA app to:

  • Schedule sleep reminders and routines.
  • Design a routine that includes waking up at a consistent time. 
  • Plan nutritious breakfasts for the week / every week. 
  • Set reminders to pack bags the night before. This routine can help reduce morning stress and ensure a smoother start to the day.

Organize Study Spaces

Create designated study areas for both moms and kids. Equip these spaces with all necessary supplies. Use the MAMMA-MIYA app to create lists of what you need:

  • Stationery list.
  • Furniture / study materials.
  • Computer and accessories.

A clutter-free and organized environment enhances focus and productivity for both you and your children.

Plan Nutritious Meals

Prepare balanced meals and snacks that fuel your family’s bodies and minds. Involve your kids and use the MAMMA-MIYA app to:

  • Plan lunch options, and discuss the importance of a healthy diet. 
  • Set a reminder to prepare meals the night before and save precious time in the morning rush.
  • Create grocery lists according to your meal plans.

Review Transportation Plans

If your kids take the bus or walk to school, review transportation plans to ensure they are safe. Use MAMMA-MIYA to:

  • Make time to teach them important road safety rules. 
  • Make a list in Brain Dump of required identification or transportation passes. 

Set Goals and Expectations

Sit down as a family and discuss academic and personal goals for the school year. Use the Brain Dump feature in MAMMA-MIYA to note down what the kids want to achieve:

  • Improving a particular subject. 
  • Making new friends. 
  • Joining a club. 

Setting clear expectations fosters a sense of responsibility and commitment.

Address Anxieties and Concerns

It’s normal for both moms and kids to feel a mix of excitement and anxiety about the upcoming school year. You may want to use MAMMA-MIYA to set up daily times to 

  • Have open conversations about any worries they might have. 
  • Share your own experiences and offer reassurance, reminding them that it’s natural to feel nervous but that they have your support.

Celebrate the Beginning

The start of a new school year is a milestone worth celebrating. Use MAMMA-MIYA to plan a small family celebration, whether it’s a special dinner, a movie night, or a picnic. This tradition will create positive associations with the beginning of the school year and strengthen family bonds.

Keep Spirits High

Use MAMMA-MIYA to schedule regular family bonding time. Set it up at a frequency that works for your family so you make time to celebrate all small but important things in family life.

You play a pivotal role in shaping your children’s attitudes and experiences related to school. We’d love for you to use our suggestions and tailor them to your family’s unique needs. Here’s to a fun and fulfilling school year ahead!