When things are swirling around in your head it is sometimes hard to put a finger on what are the most important things that need your attention. Before you have had a chance to focus on one thought, your mind is already racing off to the next.

Putting everything down helps you gain better perspective. And it’s not just the things that need to ‘get done’ – it even works for the new plans, ideas, changes in schedule, worries or conflicts that are being replayed in your head.

Once you have everything in front of you – either on post it notes, or in a book, or as a list on your phone, break it all up. Make categories/separate lists and notes – things that can be delegated, someday lists, things that need immediate attention, those that you no longer want to to deal with…it’s up to you.

When you can see everything clearly in front of you, instead of all jumbled up in your head, it’s a lot easier to see what needs to get done or has to be addressed in order of priority.

Once you have had a chance to organise everything, put in a schedule or bring them into your daily calendar. Set yourself manageable tasks for each day, to increase your chances of working your way through them. Maybe pick the top three tasks for each day.


Make sure to check off the things you were able to complete, so they don’t get confused with what still needs to be done. This simple act of ‘checking off’ a task, once complete and looking back at everything you were able to get through at the end of the day, gives you a sense of satisfaction and keeps you feeling encouraged.

Prioritizing your thoughts, ideas and to-do’s and planning ahead to make them part of your daily schedule helps you GET THINGS DONE, and opens up your mind to make room for new and exciting plans and ideas.

‘Putting things down’ helps you PRIORITISE AND PLAN AHEAD.

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