Image from: Breathe animation, MAMMA-MIYA app


Dear Mom,

If life was a circus, you would be the juggler that keeps work, children, home and family, moving and in the air. 

We know that being there for everyone else means that self-care ends up in the ‘later’ bin most of the time. We were faced with a similar choice while building MAMMA-MIYA. We were advised to choose between productivity and well-being because a narrow focus will translate into a sharper product. But when moms worldwide are looking for balance in their lives, how can our app, built for moms, solve for productivity, which is one half of life, and not for well-being too, which is the other, equally important half? 

We’re here to help you organise your day and manage your multiple responsibilities, but we’re also here to help you put yourself first, even if it’s for 5 minutes a day.

Deep breathing can be powerful

We breathe faster when we are stressed. Breathing faster and tightening the muscles in our body are instinctive responses to danger. But when daily routines make us feel this way, our bodies and minds can get fatigued by the constant anxiety. 

Deep breathing is different from the normal breaths that we unconsciously take throughout the day. Here’s how: 

  • It’s an intentional exercise that will take 30 seconds to relax you 
  • It’s a deep and slow inhale, where you expand your lungs and fill them with air
  • Followed by an equally deep and gradual exhale, while watching your breath

Deep breathing also has long term benefits, from reducing anxiety and relieving pain to improving immunity and increasing energy.


Try the deep breathing feature on the app 

In its default setting, the app will prompt you to pause and take a breath once a day.

The next time the day gets too intense, or it all feels like too much, try deep breathing for a few minutes.

Scroll to the bottom of the Home Page and click on the Breathe button.

You can also build it into your daily routine, through Explore > Self Care Ideas > Personal Growth.