As busy moms, we’ve mastered productivity and multitasking in our own way. 

But surely there’s a better way to be productive than to smash through as many to-dos as we can, day after day, even if we feel drained and exhausted at the end of it all? 

Maria Popova says, “The cult of productivity has its place, but worshiping at its altar daily robs us of the very capacity for joy and wonder that makes life worth living.”

A productive day might feel satisfying, but a fulfilling day can make you happy, leaving you satisfied rather than burned out. 

It is possible to be productive and fulfilled

Here’s how MAMMA-MIYA helps you get there. 


 1. It can hold every single thing on your task list

On a typical day, your personal life and work life constantly intersect with each other. 

The best way to see how your day really looks is to put everything you’re doing in one place. 

  • Start by syncing all your calendars – home, school, work, fitness and period tracker too. 

  • Then create a Hat for each of the roles you choose to play/ want to make time for/ matter to you in your life, and tag your tasks to them. The more colorful your day, the more fulfilled you’ll feel.  

  • Add your routines – the tasks that you do everyday, or at a fixed frequency.

  • Dump all your floating to-dos in the Brain Dump. Put anything that’s on your mind in the form of lists, photos or scanned notes.

  • Add Tasks to your day: They can be time bound, or scheduled for a particular part of the day. 

Once you can see what your day looks like, you can prioritize your work and choose how you want to spend your time better. 


 2. Understands the flexibility that every mom needs 

As moms ourselves, we know that even the best planned days can poof into smoke when there’s a sick child, a sudden family commitment, or even an unscheduled work meeting.

Change is a constant in every mom’s unique reality, and that’s why flexibility is key.

Sometimes we don’t finish everything on our list, so the app automatically moves incomplete tasks to the next day. 

The app also nudges you to prioritize by picking the top 3 tasks for the day, so that you can choose and focus your energy on what matters to you at that time. 


 3. Nudges you to take care on yourself 

We usually schedule our work and personal commitments, but not me-time, so our needs can end up on the back burner. 

Putting self-care into your daily schedule, even if it’s for five minutes, is your way of looking after yourself. Taking time off from the daily schedule to nourish your mind and with your soul is a great way to center yourself. Simple routines like deep breathing everyday have proven long term benefits.

Our self-care section has 100+ options to choose from, depending on your mood and your time. 


4. Shows you how you’re spending your time 

One of the moms on our platform calls the Insights section in the Home Page “a life audit.” 

There’s a lot you can do with knowing how much time you’re spending on your Hats, and when you’re at your busiest in a day.

In a way, it shows you how you’re spending your energy. 

You can translate it into your daily life by identifying which parts you need to step in a little more, and where you can step back. 

At MAMMA-MIYA we care about your productivity, AND your well-being. How you manage your time matters to us as much as your state of mind while going through the day, because every fulfilling day adds to the foundation of a good life