Do you recall looking after yourself when you were pregnant?

You ate healthy, got regular exercise, slept well – you felt the NEED to take the best possible care of yourself because you had a baby growing inside of you.

Fast forward a couple of years and you are still taking the best possible care of your children. But what about YOU?

What do you want them to see?

While going through life, particularly motherhood, it’s important to appreciate that it is not possible to fit in everything – so you have to make intentional choices.

Choose to live with intention – in doing so you are choosing to live the life YOU want. 

PRIORITISE the things that matter most (to you!) and the rest will have to wait for another day.

Each time you add a new task, event or thought, ask yourself, “is this something that really matters, to me?” – and then tap that heart switch.

Each stage and sometimes each day, comes with its own challenges and it’s important to keep reassessing our priorities.


PLAN AHEAD:  Take a few minutes each morning or the night before – to plan your day ahead.

Making a note of all the things that need to get done and setting reminders, not only helps you be more prepared, but also leaves you much calmer and on top of things through the day.

Don’t forget to check-off as you go!

BE PRESENT: When you are trying to do too many things at the same time it can be hard to be present. When with the children, when at work, at the store, with your partner, in the kitchen, or doing chores – minimize the distractions and stay within each space as much as possible.

Brain dump the thought for now, knowing you can deal with it later. Better still, avoid slipping into the wormhole of your phone and just remind Siri to “Add to MAMMA-MIYA”. 

Through all the highs and the lows, and the squeals of laughter and the tears, DON’T LOSE YOU.

Your hobbies, journaling, girlfriends, dreams, goals – all of it – everything that makes you who you are. Bring them into your schedule and find ways to stay in touch with what matters TO YOU.

Someone recently asked me if I had to strip myself of all the ‘roles’ that I play in my life – mother, daughter, wife, work, friend – all of it – what would I be left with?

Would I still recognise the person outside all my ‘roles’?

Would I still recognise ‘ME’?

That’s definitely a question worth asking ourselves.

If I had to strip myself of all the ‘roles’ that I play in my life

– mother, daughter, wife, work, friend

– all of it – what would I be left with? 

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