We’re constantly seeing stats that send out shock waves…83% of moms feel burned out, 69% are feeling overwhelmed, 60% say they rarely (if ever) take the time to care for their well-being…it seems to go on and on and somehow, continues to get worse.

There is quite a cocktail of external factors like the child-care crisis, the imbalance of mental load, outdated workplace systems & social structures that are contributing to this.

There are moms across geographies in their roles as politicians, corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, lawyers etc trying to solve for this in different ways so the next generation of young mothers don’t need to struggle the same way. 

But some part of this actually lies within our control and these are the ones MAMMA-MIYA is committed to solving.

Since we began researching this challenge in 2016, the one issue we have consistently struggled with is the apparent need to narrow our focus. We were urged to choose between productivity or well-being. We were adamant that moms needed both.

We believed by better organizing our days, we could find more time for ourselves. We did. We believed by easing our mental load, we would have more mind-space for the things that matter most. We definitely found that. 

But, we strongly believe it is equally important to prioritize our own well-being.

So we’ve introduced a whole host of ways we can help you do that.

Here is #1 in this series:

Self-Care Suggestions

The all-new Explore section has curated self-care suggestions across categories like relaxation, mindfulness, connection, growth, creativity and health.

The suggestions range from 5 mins to 120 mins options – so pick what you’re in the mood for and based on the time you have, simply “Bring it into My Day”.

It is well known that you significantly improve your chances of doing something once it is in your calendar.  

We wish for you more mindfulness in your moments, calm in your days, and more intention in your life.