As busy moms, schedules are how we keep our home and work lives running. We balance our multiple responsibilities by setting aside exclusive time for each of our hats.

Having a preset schedule also has multiple health benefits, from lower stress levels to improved concentration and energy.

Routines are straight paths to good habits, because they help us organize our time and structure our days. 

While we might have mastered the art of routines as moms, we rarely manage to schedule time for ourselves. This new year could be a great time to use the power of routines for some self-love, too.


Make a commitment to yourself 

If you haven’t tried it yet, add a self care routine into your day today, even if it’s just for 5 minutes.

Take a few deep breaths. Go for a short walk after lunch or read something while the kids are napping. Treat yourself to a massage, or a long shower.


Start small, then iterate

MAMMA-MIYA is an app that helps moms manage their time and mindspace, so that we can also focus on our well-being, which is key to a fulfilling life. Well-being is fundamental to happiness, but so many of us struggle to put ourselves first. We want to help every mother be productive while also taking care of herself.

As moms ourselves, we know that getting through a day is a huge achievement in itself. Moms also need to relax and recharge, and most importantly, they need to feel good about themselves. 

It’s not always possible to stick to a routine, and that’s totally okay. Self-care in any shape or size is a good start.

Add it to your schedule in the app, and take care of yourself whenever you can. A routine is a straight path to a habit, so with time and a few iterations, you’ll have regular self-care on your schedule. 



See how far you’ve come

The best part about planners is that they not only organize your life and provide structure to your days, but they also faithfully capture all that you’ve done so far.  

Looking back at how you managed to carve out time for self-care can encourage you to continue, or to restart if you’ve taken a break.

Being able to do something for yourself can feel really satisfying. If, in the process, if you’re able to make self care a regular part of your schedule, then you’re providing yourself with nourishment and love that will make your life richer and happier, everyday.