India just celebrated 76 years of Independence, and we would like to pay tribute to the Independent Indian Woman and Mother.

The Indian mother

In a society steeped in tradition and cultural norms, the independent Indian woman and mother is testament to the power of determination and resilience. A woman who defies societal expectations and navigates the complexities of modern-day India with grace and strength.

From pursuing higher education to excelling in a competitive career, she demonstrates that a woman’s potential knows no bounds. In the delicate balance between motherhood and personal ambition she navigates the challenges and triumphs of raising a family while pursuing a fulfilling career. The independent Indian mother is an inspiration to all.

The app for the independent woman & mother

MAMMA-MIYA is proud to be associated with many such women, not just in India, but across the globe. Our app for mothers and by mothers focusses on helping moms recognise their roles, their mental loads, manage time efficiently and most importantly challenge the guilt often associated with prioritizing oneself.

In the MAMMA-MIYA App, a “Hat” is a metaphor for every role you play every day in your life. The Hat feature in MAMMA-MIYA just lets you make more sense of the many things you do. 

Pay attention right from the beginning to your Hats, both literally and figuratively. Hats are the common denominator across all the app features from Brain Dump to My Day, to Tasks and Events – everything is tagged to a Hat. When you ensure you tag them correctly and consistently, MAMMA-MIYA insights will show you precisely how, when and where you spend your time. Then the rest is in your hands!